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We've created this blog for several reasons. First is to keep family and friends(including Bobs' pts.)informed of Bobs' condition while he undergoes treatment for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia(AML) at HUP. You may also write to Bob by posting a comment, which I'll print for him to read. Please feel free to pass this blog site on to anyone you think may want to join us.Instructions to blog are listed under day 12, and bobs' address etc are under day 14. Click on April Archives to find both.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Day 20 Admission Day 15 Chemo

Dear friends and family,

Bob had another good day. Looked like he had more vim and vigor than over the weekend. When I arrived at Noon, the hem/onc fellow, Dr. Ara(first name, can't remember his surname cuz we just call him Ara), was just about to start the bone marrow biopsy. Deb, I'm sorry to tell you, but Bob said this one was comparable to having Dr. Luger do it. He didn't even flinch. I especially didn't flinch, b/c Ara said the only way I could stay was if I didn't pass out on the floor. I bit my tongue, and refrained from telling him that I was watching sternal bone marrows being done way back in the 70's, when his mother was wiping his snotty nose. Wasn't that tactful of me? Of course Bob had to tell him that it was a snap and a piece of cake, so he really had a big head by the time he walked out the door. Actually, I really like this dr. He's very particular and knows his stuff, and Bob thinks the world of him, plus anyone who can drill that huge needle into your pelvic bone w/o hurting you, has to be A-OK. So, we won't have any results until Thursday am. What Ara did tell us today that we didn't know before is, that Bobs' cytogenetics on the last BM bx were normal. Now, there are good and bad abnormal cytogenetics, meaning the bad don't respond to treatment, and the good ones do. When they are normal, it simply means that they have one less prognostic factor, or one less clue as to how the AML will respond to the chemotherapy. It seems that this is not unusual b/c of the underlying MDS. The MDS is also the reason that we have not been told what Bobs' subset of AML is. Normally there are 8 subsets of AML...M1 - M8, but when there is a history of MDS it clouds the picture, so again that's one less clue for a prognosis. Basically what all this medical mumbo-jumbo means, is that we have to wait after each round of chemo to see what the bone marrow shows(which we would have to do anyway). Bob also told me today that Dr, Perle said even if there are no leukemia cells(blasts) in the BM, and there is still MDS he will still need a 2nd induction. They also will not wait for his counts to recover if he needs it. So Bob may possibly be starting his 2nd round as soon as Thursday or Friday. Sigh...no rest for the weary.

Alright, as torturous as it was to read and process all that info.....you should have to try and type it w/ four fingers(cuz that's all I use).!!!!

Onto the lighter side...Bob wants to respond to some of the blogs.

To km, Tell BC that he's not surprised you couldn't blog the jokes, and Bob wants to hear them all in person, over hoagies at your shop when this is all done.

To MDF, Bob says" good for you for mocking Mo, I love it." (Mo says, see how honest I am that I didn't omit that nasty comment?)

To all the Tri-Valley gang..."Good luck with the upcoming big move. You all must be very busy and under a lot of pressure. Please make sure and save my photo of Rhane and the "cat-dog" picture she drew. (Now you're under more pressure.)

To BKH(aka "Stonehead") who sent a "sappy" card today, Bob says get with it and get on the blog like your father "the old guy", and your brother. Of course BKHs' father and brother are going to have to pass this message along since she is not reading the blog!!

And lastly to everyone out there, Bob sends a great, big thank you. All the cards, calls, blogs and gifts mean so much. We singled a few out in the name of fun today, but I read them all and your support is keeping me going. I'm hanging in there and trying to kick some butt. As Gerry C. put it so well....Vincero!

I guess you all can read for yourselves that Bob was in pretty good spirits today. Nothing much left to write, except my usual request to please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming.

All our love,
Bob and Mo


Anonymous holly said...

Hi Bob & Mo-
Sounds like your hanging in there, Bob. Glad to hear the bone marrow bx wasn't to bad. Keep doing those laps and eating all the great treats I,m sure Mo brings you. We are staying pretty busy at MSC. When your done with your nurse we will welcome her back!!! Gretchen (our scrub tech) had a total knee last week and will be out about 8 weeks. One of our sales reps found us a replacement for the entire 8 weeks. Thank heavens, we couldn't afford to have anyone else out!! I really miss you Mo and Deb T. at MSC, hope you guys are back soon.
Take care Bob, you guys are always in my thoughts. Mo, take care of yourself and please call if I can do anything.

April 17, 2006 9:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mo, i wrote this once before , but for the wrong page. so here i go again.. first of all, i thought .. what the hell is vim? looked it up, and am now glad bob has it..also in reference to DT's comment.. you still cuddle?? ha..
Glad you made it through the bone marrow without too much pain.(i tried to abreviate that..but it took on a different meaning!) Debbie explained it to me early this am, and as i said before.. i had a light breakfast !!
Also, happy to hear that that girl.... what's her name?? kim something ,, is writing again!word on the street is she got her computer back from the pawn shop!!
Well.. keep getting stronger Dr. Mazzola.. Mo, good job not passing out(who do they think they're messing with?? ) and again.. i hope tomorrow is better for you.. mdf

April 17, 2006 9:56 PM  
Blogger Jessie said...

Hi Mo and Dr. Bob,

So glad to hear the BMB went well today, you guys were on my mind. Also happy to hear about your normal cytogenetics. We're keeping our fingers crossed here for good news on Thursday (if not before!) Love you guys!

April 17, 2006 10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bob and Mo ..sounds like all went well with the bx..piece of cake (for both of you) MO you crack me up, I can just see you trying not to get snippy with the doc and Bob ,well I know you can withstand anything(as you've illustrated to date)..actually I just read Holly's blog,and I am working in the A.M. so I will keep this short..Of course the crew is praying for T.R.,as I said you are so strong Bob I wouldn't be surprised with that result! Spoke to Mo she is bringing you a bit of the Easter meat pies my Dad and I made years ago. I resurected the recipes and tried my best...the girls helped( the screaming jellybean even got to beat the dough) hope you like them..did your family ever do them?..I know we talked about it ,but don't remember..oh well, love and such..stay strong and positive:)Bev

April 17, 2006 11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Bob,
Here's to another good day at HUP and a beautiful Spring one too!
Would have loved to have seen Mo's face with wheels turning in her head and tongue being bitten. By the way Mo, are you sure Bob's doc was even born in the 70's??
Also, it seems with all the words you wrote yesterday, MDF couldn't find anything to pick on...and now the crap comes my way again! Thankfully I read it first thing in the morning with a clear head and I still need to read it again.
What's with all the late comments...don't you guys need your beauty sleep?
Don't even start with me MDF about the time change thing again or I'll write things noone would expect from a sweet little thing like myself.
Keep behaving Bob...can you open the window in that place and get some fresh spring air?
Mo, still amazed with your blogging ability...wordy, but informative.
Love you , Kim

April 18, 2006 7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning mazzola's,

i am lining the hoagies and tangueray up as we speak [yeech]. bob i have to also report that we had coddington out to dinner and he sent the young waitress screaming from our table b/c he thought she WANTED to see his incisions??? just talked to the non blogging prodigy of stella and joe and it seems that it's all my fault that she isn't blogging. i forgot to send her the site. i am about to remedy that.
right after i forward bon the blog, i am going to stand on the patio and send you all my love and good vibes...xoxoxoxoxokm

April 18, 2006 8:21 AM  
Blogger Patty Gianfelice said...

Dr. Bob & Mo,

Glad to hear that spirits are high... keep up the positive attitude, I really beleive it is a key to recovery.

Continuing to send good vibes for good results on Thursday.

Have a great day!


April 18, 2006 9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Dr. Bob,
we got back from VA Beach last night and caught up with news on Mo's blog site. Sure glad to see that you had a good weekend. We celebrated Easter at Lisa's house in VA Beach, had all five grandkids (Lisa's three and Steve's two) there and enjoyed seeing them having a great time together. We had lots going on, including the "traditional" egg hunt. Had a nice dinner and as promised, we offered a toast (1999 St. Francis Cabernet - great stuff)for your speedy recovery and good health. We swapped some stories about your past heroic deeds, including the time when you actually saved George by telling three baffled MDs in the NP emergency room what to give him to control his PAT (which was later fixed at Baylor by cryoscopic ablation). On Easter Sunday at the 8:00 am Mass at Church of the Holy Family in VA Beach, your name was mentioned and the community prayed for the return of good health to "Bob Mazzola, physician and healer". We hope Someone up there will listen.
Man, it is tough to get back to work. Maybe I should take your advice and retire!
Best regards and love,
George and Aniko

April 18, 2006 10:16 AM  
Anonymous SantaC said...

I always knew that my big brother was amazing but wow, didn't feel a thing! I watched a spinal tap once as my husband ran out of the room and the needle was bigger than the kid! -- Sammy at three months, that was not fun. Sounds like the picture is confusing or maybe its just me trying to remember the abbreviations but you can probably do a lot even whithout complete diagnostic clarity. You are both amazing and always in my thoughts and prayers. I am still sniffling and trying my best to return this cold to the lovely children who shared it with me. Take care

April 18, 2006 1:06 PM  
Blogger Istari #6 said...

Unless I'm crazy, (Don't answer that), I think this is the first blog from you that did not mention Bob's menu or eating habits. Now that's progress of sorts.

Santa has to be reminded that I am the 'big' brother; Bob is the 'older' brother.

Oblivious to pain during the BM/bx? I knew there was some Sicilian in you.

"Vincero"--couldn't think of a better description. Hope you have an "un bel di."

April 18, 2006 1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Bob anbd Mo,
Tried to post about an hour ago and everything went flooey, hope I have better luck this time around.
So good to speak with you yesterday Bob. I must say how impressed I am as to the ideal patient you have been thus far. Atta boy Robert.
And Mo, D.J. just sent me an e-mail this morning about the gas prices, I will forward it on to you. Seems someone out there is thinking we must be able to do something!
All is well, even Bill's bronchitis seems to be improving. However, we will take no chance seeing you until I am certain he is a hundred percent well.
To all of your wonderful bloggers..I always knew Bob and Mo were the best, seems their friends are just as wonderful.
Love ya both,Anne

Having great thoughts as to your results tomorrow.

April 19, 2006 12:16 PM  

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