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We've created this blog for several reasons. First is to keep family and friends(including Bobs' pts.)informed of Bobs' condition while he undergoes treatment for Acute Myelogenous Leukemia(AML) at HUP. You may also write to Bob by posting a comment, which I'll print for him to read. Please feel free to pass this blog site on to anyone you think may want to join us.Instructions to blog are listed under day 12, and bobs' address etc are under day 14. Click on April Archives to find both.

Monday, December 12, 2011

He's Home!!! December 12, 2011

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note to say that Bob is home. On oxygen as suspected, and according to the resp. therapist, maybe for about a month, give or take. Getting out of Penn was a bit of an ordeal as usual, but I knew the real Bob was still inside this one, when he called the PA an incompetent boob(not to his face, thank God), told his nurse not to lie to us anymore...."I'll have your orders in 10 minutes, I swear", and threatened to sign out AMA. Phew! We're really going to have to work on the conserving energy thing a bit harder, lol. 

At least the home oxygen was delivered and set up w/o a problem. Bob has a 50 ft. leash w/ more extensions if needed, so he can be up or downstairs. We'll see how the stairs go tonight. He has the PC up and the laptop down, so he can play all the WOW his little heart desires, though I don't think he's up to any just yet.

We got home at 2:30p and he's been dozing more or less since then. I've made a pharmacy run and dinner's in the oven. It seems that the comfort food, meal of choice for this family is meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and broccoli, since that was our first meal after the fire and also before his last admission to Penn.

I ask that you include my Mom in your prayers as well now. She is in the hospital in Scranton with dehydration and atrial fib. My brother Tom is taking care of business up there. I hope you are all well and enjoying the holiday season. I managed to get our tree up, but the ornaments may not find their way to the branches for some time...we shall see. Oh how our priorities do change as we get older, n'est ce pas? Now that I've shown off all the HS French I remember I'll sign off w/ a great big hug and bigger thank you to all!

All our love,
Bob and Mo


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